Non-Fiction Review

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It’s always hard to read about a subject you’re not familiar with. Except with this book. David Foster Wallace is known for Infinite JestOblivion, and other works of fiction; but this piece of non-fiction helps to blend philosophy, mathematics, and history into an easily readable text that gives insight into the foundation of our existence. I think it’s interesting. There are definitely some points where I had to reread a section, but Wallace makes it accessible and entertaining.

I would recommend carrying a small notebook around while reading this one, the pages are already packed.

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A family friend sent me this book right before leaving for college, I couldn’t have been more thankful. This book is amazing in its ability to show just how much is out of our control, and to learn to accept it. While it’s a non-fiction book, its style leans towards the narrative; creating a readable book in the scientific field.

I would recommend it to anyone about to make some sort of life change or who is in need for a bit of understanding.